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Can exercise with force stop my growth?

I am 17 years old and I am doing weights of a little over 10 kg and I can not stop thinking if this can stop my growth I like it because I already feel stronger but if it has something to do better I stop


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With that weight that you do, do not be afraid, it is not enough to produce in you a deterioration of your growth ...


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I. Hi Fabian, as I know, when the exercises with weights are moderate, occurs on the contrary: lifting weights promotes the growth. The problem comes when the weight lifted and time of exercise are excessive, in that case, the bone growth itself can be stopped or reduced in a certain degree, and even so, depends a lot on the person, some can in fact get to suffer a certain delay -slight - growth with regard to your natural pattern, while in other people this happens. In any case I congratulate you because in my opinion, doing sports is always beneficial in many aspects of life and it is meritorious for those who are not able to practice it (or lack the sufficient will to do so): I do not know of specific data on weight, time and exercise, but in these pages you will see complete information. [http://ortopediadeportiva.com.mx/g11.html](http://ortopediadeportiva.com.mx/g11.html) [http://www.puntofape.com/fisicoculturismo-en-la-adolescencia-487/](http://www.puntofape.com/fisicoculturismo-en-la-adolescencia-487/) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQLVB9pJlss](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQLVB9pJlss) The males grow in height to the average until the nineteen/twenty years, so you still need to stay about two more years to win a centimeter. Sometimes, the person "for" to grow to fifteen or sixteen years because the growth phase of central has already been completed, and from that time on, the growth will be less and quite more leisurely, but this does not mean that you will stop growing... the problem is that the pattern is very variable for each person.. You can ask your doctor a simple test of bone growth, (Carpal), popularly known as "evidence of the hand", (that is a special x-ray), this way you will know for sure how much growth you have left your body. A lot of encouragement.


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