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How do I break my relationship?

This January 17 I turned 3 years of dating and the truth, and not happening with me, a month ago I felt happy and now I feel that perhaps everything is routine, my boyfriend since January this in another city(2 hours from where I am)doing your school service, the last time that we saw was the 20 of January, already nearly a month, from there we could not see us because my mother sick, he had things to do, the case is that Neither valentine's day we spent together, thing that I don't care much because I knew it was not going to be able to as it was on a working day, but yesterday he came to her house(she Lives half an hour from where I am)And I wanted to visit, if I felt ugly because I have your gift and all, but not so much the material, but that seems no longer of interest to me and the truth as I sometimes feel our discussions, such as these, which did you do today, you do, not passes, I no longer feel the joy of platiar with the of time ago, in addition to that we had problems that end up involving our family, and already not that to do, what I want to do, but I feel confused because if it is love or just affection, not if it is normal to feel that everything changes, that I can do, a tip I could use


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You have to see it all from God; it does not rely on mere feelings, always changing. Not to live for yourself, but thinking of doing good with your life; and help in this to your boyfriend. The focus from God and to God will also make you not to be so pending the results. Not to interpret any action according to your interests; think that he may be busy, preoccupied, etc, Maybe you have at this moment less homework. Think of your good of truth, and this above interests a vain or out of order, which will be very good for all. Don't spend to demand attention, etc, but think of your well of truth. Do your part, always with the good, and discarding what is bad, and this you will not regret it. Of course you have to be in the grace of God, and help your boyfriend to the same thing, for which I recommend Sacramental Confession; and, of course, to keep the Commandments of God and of the Church.


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