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Why do people judge only for an action?

Two weeks ago hit a woman The blow because your a boy, I push it I fell when I get up, the lady said nothing to her child of 9 years approximately then take the decision to give a kick to the woman All the people of my city, I got shafted of macho batterer of women did not stop to tell me of things in the social networks go until they told me what I'm going to die In the end I had to get used to go across the street to receive insults in some places, such as stores, among other things, I refused the service 4 days ago there was a house fire in my neighborhood the house was in flames, by a gas leak, had two minor girls trapped on the second floor the mother were yelling for help calling for _Auxilio_ I to be a male athlete ran very quickly to help you to enter the house almost could not see anything I was guided more by the cries of the girls to save both but there they died, sure Firefighters arrived 1 hour later to put out the fire Now everyone says that I'm a _héroe_ you are a saint etc. etc. a guardian angel etc Why is not that a few days ago was a batterer of women? Why do people change their opinion so fast? The truth is I am neither a hero or macho batterer of women just do what comes to mind for me to do ###


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As we all do! There are old ladies who bring them to them, never everyone is pleased. The bad is recorded more than the good. Society is like that, your country depends too, I share your opinion I do what I SEEM TO ME, what they think or say ufffffffffffffff


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Effectively, you can judge for something you did only once. There are certain acts of our behavior that are considered as crimes, which are not well seen in society. To say that by sticking only once of a woman you shouldn't be called sexist, it's the same as saying that if you killed only one person, not deberíand and tacharte killer... Clear that the people are going to judge – only by that one act because it is something that does not go with the well-being of the society. If all we were doing what we feel like at the moment, then we will live in a world that is wild and not civilized. Living in a community of people requires to be controlled, and to avoid some behavior that could be treated as a crime or something. Indeed, the child did wrong empujándote, and your mother also did it poorly without saying anything, but you, you've done well giving it a kick? If a mother does not educate her son very well, do you think what paste is the solution? And if there in place of the mother of the child, would have been his father, just imagine, a tall man, strong, or – better yet – an athlete, a boxing champion, - what, Then also, you had beaten? If not what would you have done, for fear of receiving a kick much stronger than him, then you are a chauvinist because you beat the people weaker and you know that you can not cause much physical damage. Now that you have done something heroic, it says that you have good qualities as a person, if it is without thinking of yourself, you ran over to save others. And yes, the people saw it, and surely thought, that look, that boy is not as bad as we think, maybe wrong that day hitting that woman, perhaps he repents, and now he has done something so nice that maybe we can forgive... It is not that people change their opinion fast, but react as you act. People don't know you and judged your actions – they are bad or good, evil or well-seen in society. And I don't agree with the other opinion, that "evil is recorded more than the good" – if so, you would continue calling sexist. However, now they call you a hero and that is a good sign of a healthy society, which knows not only to judge but also to understand and appreciate good acts, and who knows how to forgive.


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