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How can I start sport again after a few very sedentary months?

Since September of 2018 I have not done anything in sport, for reasons of student, from that study in the afternoons I wake up not very early and then I get to do work and study and after that is to go to my academy, took five months with a sedentary life, without a doubt, for if it is not bad enough that my feed is not the most suitable, due to lack of time I can't afford to cook and by luck once in a while I'm going to my grandmother's house and as decently. The case is that I have decided to take up something more healthy into my life, I notice as the fat will rise to see, I want to clarify that I'm not "fat" nor much less, but I feel like the fat is going taking over little by little my, that is to say. Mido 1'83cm and weight 76kg when to do anything weighed 72 that was the ideal thing, I don't want to get here to lose weight like crazy or a lot less, but go back to having healthy habits doing sport because I need it and so go to offsetting a little bit of everything. THE PROBLEM FOR YOU! Here comes to part of all of those.. That does not like to re-start doing sport, that is to say I want to clarify that I can not sign up to a gym that my income is going to continue studying and for the expenses of the car, near my house I have a great and huge beautiful site where people do sport, an esplanade of grass and circuits for walking or jogging. In short, I don't want to get too thin, but what I want to do is that my weight continues going up and my sedentary life increase, I refuse, to see if you can tell me how I can to resume a little of my body and activate it.


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The weight regulates the power, not the exercise, step, maybe, is that when you do exercise, and eat the same, gain weight, and if in addition comistes something more, climb more. You can jog or run or bike, I suggest you jog, you can alternate with some running if you like, it is cardio, it is good in addition, strengthen internal organs, but you could also do some add-on weights, it is not necessary to purchase anything, with a little "trick" you can do weights and dumbbells, there are videos and sites where you indicate, to make a routine a little bit more complete, it is not about enlarging mass without building strength in the muscles. No problem if you spent those months, start little by little, until your body gets used to it . Sds.


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\[Hi. I will tell you that I am the same as you, and it makes time that I do not weight, but the last time I was at 77 kilos. I also don't want to see me fat, that way every day one hour, because my knees do not allow me to run, and I'm going three days to the Gym, but I think that to be strong, agile and with good stamina, you do not need to go to the gym. You say that you have near where you live is a place where people do sport, because more than enough, he begins by little and you will see that your body every day you'll begging for more.


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