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Why do women only want sex?

Is that the women of now, nothing more we used to chuparnos the penis are not interested in anything serious What I had prepared for a perfect date with my girlfriend first I would go to their house with a bouquet of flowers are great to invite her to watch a movie then go to a restaurant and finally take her to a disco to dance for a while well, my plans went down the drain just to give the bouquet of flowers she nor thank you gave me got in the car I said we're going? When we are in the car, she throw the bouquet of flowers by the window by the way that they were some flowers, expensive began to kiss me while he was driving he told me if I could stop a moment I park it, I opened the pants it started to make me oral sex or time to get the condom I gave her I suck the penis for a good while then told me to come back home to have sex on his bed, the restaurant, the movie and the dance or interested


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I think your girlfriend? I was already excited


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And did that really happen to you? There are women who are only interested in sex for various reasons, for now it only occurs to me that maybe you do not want to be emotionally involved with you and just want to have fun. Maybe it's just more "lit" than you, or maybe you saw your actions as something you wanted to end in sex and gave it to you. If you want it, ask the reasons, we do not all work the same.


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There are women who are interested only in the size of the penis, but there are many others that show what you are looking for that they are beautiful, affectionate, kind, etc. Friend that fits you well in love. ; )


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