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How I calculate impact force

I'm new here. I have a very large question, today in the workshop had to take some bearings with internal insurance, which applied 23 tons of pressure with the press and nothing, but I noticed that sticking with a mass of 7.5 kg and a handle of 60cm on the same place where I exerted the pressure, the insurances were cut and the bearings came out ... Now I ask, is the force of the blow greater than that exerted by the press?


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Surely, because it is an impact. By a basic principle of classical physics. The variation of the amount of movement of a solid that moves ( the mass or hammer in this case) is equal to the product of a mean force F for the duration of the strike. Or if you suppose the mace( 7.5 Kg) which hits the bearing at rest to a certain speed ( which in your case could well be of 15 m/s)... and that the duration of the blow is almost instant (supposed to 0.001 sec.) ... The calculation you would be giving: **Force of impulse ( shock) = 7.5 x 15 / 0.001 = 11200 Kgf. Approx. .**... But that would be mean force... the peak of the blow probably doubles that figure. In short: When you apply a blow dry ( or be direct and definite direction) on a solid at rest, the force is proportional to the speed with that comes the mace, and inversely proportional to the duration of the hit... Think about the karate breaking bricks, or a plank with a single strike.


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