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What consequences can I have when putting the car in my name and that someone else uses it?

I live in Spain and I have a colleague who still does not have residence papers and has had an opportunity to buy a car. As he has no residence he asked me if I could put it in my name. The question is: If something happens to whom the civil responsibility falls and what other problems could bring me? I would not like to have any problems with the Treasury either.


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The main problem is that you will be the owner of the vehicle and therefore, the penalties will come to you (if they do not stop him). And certain sanctions, such as lack of ITV or insurance, are the owner's responsibility, therefore, you would be sanctioned. In addition, it can even be declared a civil answer if your driver's license is not valid in Spain and any accident happens, for example. We do not recommend you do this.


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This that comments tend to ask people who have liens or debts, and cannot have assets in their name, to avoid that such goods meet the same. As on the other hand it is also not you a company that is dedicated to the rental of vehicles, it does not appear that except occasionally to make a contract of rental of the vehicle, with which he could cover the liability of the acts that make the driver, proving who he is, and setting contractually topics such as ITV, etc, are the responsibility of the tenant. But if you have no income, and the contract is simply a simulation, the tenant will of all and will continue to have a brown. In summary, the question is whether he trusts the possible tenant.


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It is not advisable to assume responsibility for such a responsibility


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