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Heat an anvil of 100kg in an oven at 400 ° C How long would it take?

Suppose we have an oven at 400 ° C constant and inside I introduce an anvil of 100kg. How long would the anvil take to reach 400 degrees? What formula can I use to calculate that time? What would be faster a gas or a coal furnace?


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The anvil has a mass of 100 Kg. Course of iron. Its specific heat ( heat capacity ) would be :470 J /Kg.THAT ( according to tables). Suppose the anvil to To= 20° C = 293 K. The amount of heat that must be transferred to bring the entire mass to 400 K ... the are in of: Heat delivered= 470 J/Kg.K x 100 Kg x (673 - 293) K = 1.79 x 10^7 Joules....= 5 Kw.h The heat should be delivered by the fuel to a particular regime.(Don't know). Of course Natural Gas power calorifico = 13 Kw.h / Kg. ...........You got: 1Kg gas / 13 Kw.time = X / 5 Kw.time .................**..X= 0.385 Kg. gas** . But the time that you need to burn will depend on the spending of the gas or the quantity of gas flowing per unit time to the burner of the oven. And this is not these giving. All this precalculo would be based on conditions theoretical best performance of the entire installation. The process is an isothermal. Identical criteria will worth to analyze with the carbon mineral ( coke). Obviously you will warm more rapidly the mass of iron in the fuel of greater calorific power, at equal expense / time.


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