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Can one have a puppy again having the distemper virus in a home?

Three years ago I adopted a puppy from the street and he is already resting since he was old and I would like to have another, in the case that he had had a distemper, it is possible or not to have another puppy and with what conditions, since I want to adopt an adult


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Many will not have heard of distemper as a canine disease, but if you will have heard at some point, even if they have no dog, of the disease of distemper... also known as distemper. Almost fatal in the majority of cases, sometimes even though the dog has been vaccinated, it has to be done when it is a puppy. We can inform you of all information relating to your questions, but here you will find a extensisima information about that disease... [https://misanimales.com/distemper-canino-sintomas-tratamiento-y-contagio/](https://misanimales.com/distemper-canino-sintomas-tratamiento-y-contagio/)


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Try to fumigate your house before you have a puppy. And clean the area where it will be, make sure it is vaccinated and dewormed. If you are going to use the same utensils for the new puppy, wash and disinfect them very well


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