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Exemption for change of habitual residence

In July 2018 I bought a house to reform (€ 110,000) and I am thinking of selling my usual home bought in 2000 (€ 90000) for about 190,000 €. The reform will cost me about € 70000 which options and deadlines I have to pay the minimum tax


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The time limit to reinvest the net capital gains obtained from the sale of your home are the 2 years subsequent or prior to the sale of the same, that is to say, in your case, is true since you purchased your new home in 2018. In terms of amounts, I also don't see problem in roll, because you gain equity is 100,000 euros gross (you would deduct expenses of sale and purchase), and purchases a home to 110,000 over 70,000 of reform. When you reinvest the gain in housing usual you do such a gain is exempt in the personal income TAX, so that you do not pay for the same. In terms of taxes, there is nothing more, as unique as are the rates of city hall (plusvalia municipal), and records of the property.


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I'm afraid you're doing it the other way around. You had to have sold and then, with the money obtained, to have bought the new home to qualify for a tax exemption. However, wait to see if someone more aware than me gives you a solution.


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