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I miss my prostitute, what do I do to forget her?

5 months ago I was with a prostitute I had sex with her was amazing I liked so much that we repeated several times, at least about 11 or 12 times we had intimacy every time it was better, Not only gave me sex but also sometimes relief emotional also listened to my problems more than my prostitute was a good friend, I attended very good, gave me sex, attention and a shoulder to cry on which more can you ask for, what I like most was that it gave me sex-very rich but also was gentle and gave me a hug when I was leaving the last time we even saw a kiss gave me She went to his hometown but before you go I leave with several numbers of their co-workers down if I wanted to have intercourse the truth that eh tried to forget about it with their partners but I find it difficult, and sometimes even a little uncomfortable to have sex with their colleagues what I have done with your companions if you give me good sex but it doesn't compare with her More than my slut was my confidant, my friend and my osita hehe strange services bizarre a lot to make me oral sex and to let me penetrate it Already not like to forget do not believe that I am in love with her I was well that I was only a customer more in your list but miss both the sex with her I left with wanting more


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You just found in it what you have not found in other women, try to look for love in other feelings, love is everywhere


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