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How can I remove the last name of a girl that I do not know if she is my daughter

2 years ago I had a relationship in which she became pregnant ... I went with her to help her and on the day that the girl was born my parents pressed me to give her the last name, I was not sure but I had to give it to me at the time I had a relationship with another person and that has me in doubt and I would like to remove the last name since she is willing to harm me legally with a demand for food I would like to advise me a little more about that


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You have to behave like a man and like a father, which is what it is. That girl is not a piece of furniture or a toy, and it is offensive that you dispense the worst of all doubts that may lie on the honor of a woman over the mother of her daughter. There are no parent records where you can unsubscribe at any time.


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First, if you're not sure of your daughter, you should do the paternity test. Once you have the result, in the case that yes was your daughter, you will have to assume all the responsibility and the obligations that you play as the father(including alimony). In the case that the paternity test shows that you are not your father, not only you will be able to take your last name but you could also sue the girl's mother by trickery, by moral damage and economic (if is that you got to spend the money by the issue of the girl). So, if you know that this woman could have been with a man more during this period when she became pregnant, what you have to do first is to do a paternity test – not only for you but also for that little girl, who has a right to know who his father is.


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