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How to remove front brake discs opel corsa C

How can I loosen the serrated screw of front brake discs of opel corsa C 1.7 DI 65 HP. I have propounded with a ratchet but there is no way and I am afraid to force the screw and pass the head of the screw and then there is no way to remove it


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One of the ways, a bit drastic, but effective, is to put the screw red hot with a blowtorch, carefully melt it, and then it is to cool it off with water, then, you throw it off, you blow your head without damaging it and tests to loosen it, making strength progressively, if you see that it moves, you spray it loose, and you continue loosening and squeezing until you notice that it is giving way little by little. If it breaks there is plan B but cumbersome.


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