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When does it cost to obtain a completely lost new car key?

The title says it, I lost my car key and I do not have a copy, I have to make a new one, I would like to know the price and how long it takes to do it.


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In principle you need to have the numbering that you used to come with the documentation or if you don't have it you should try to get in the concession where you bought it through the number of frame. This is a must have for the copy in dealer. There are specialized companies, in your city, the internet, that offer the same service but are capable of encryption keys in case of total loss and in addition tend to be cheaper than the dealer, I mean expert locksmith and not the copies of the shopping center. A key with remote control new in dealership this from 150-200€ more coding and take a few days in the worst case ( if you do not have the machine and have to ask to the factory). A typical price is usually around 300€ between key, labour VAT etc, you Should ask the other option


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