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Is it allowed to shake carpets through the windows?

I have a neighbor that shakes rugs, blankets, tablecloths, etc at any time of the day. I went up to ask with education to stop doing that because I got everything at home (I live just below) when it was airing, or in the summer that we have almost always the windows open. Did not go for reasons alluding to the whole of life had done so and that if I was so picky I would have purchased the 6th for not having anyone over...what is the legal regulations in this respect? What is the next step that I can give since she has not made the case to my requests?


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Many people continue with the habit of shaking carpets and bedding through the windows, regardless of the minimum standards of hygiene, who can bother, or respect the municipal ordinances ... inform yourself of the ordinances of your municipality. The most advisable thing is that you comment this situation in writing to the president of the community of owners. In this way, it will be the community itself and not only you who requires you to avoid this type of acts.


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