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Why do I feel so angry with these people? I have a problem or are they?

Happens to Me something very strange with two people that I met through social networks, with both the friendship moved to Whatsapp, we live in distant cities so I've never been able to meet with none. The first with which I have more time talking, I really this turning out to be very irritating, he writes letters and messages to motivate christians (both guys are christians and I do too), and he's always sending those messages, he gives advice, I have written a couple of times for problems that I have had, is very friendly, attentive and did not seem a bad person, but it strikes me both your personality, you are always sending out questions if what he does this well, that if the message helped me, as you can do this that and the other, that he apologizes for this and the other thing, that I appreciate your friendship and those things, other have called me to ask me for tips or to tell me their problems and my strikes me because the type is very insecure and is as robotic as if he was trying to be perfect and the most good, even if he says that is not so, that is what it conveys and it makes me sad to leave him to speak because many people have insulted and have turned away from it and it gives me worth the truth stop talking; sometimes I've been a bit bad with him too honest, so to speak, although he has not been bothered by that according to him. The other only took a couple of months talking about the started as a crush, I had love problems and let's say that he offered to be my cloth of tears and I think I gave the wrong impression in that time he was very special and all because I had helped then I began to try as my other friends and I already started to irritate because I always made in the face of that the excites, but I had told him that it was a friendship from the beginning and I don't want to talk with him by your attitude but also I'm sorry to let you speak because he also has suffered a lot of rejection.


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If the type of relationship that you maintain with any of the two is not of your liking you are not obliged to keep in contact with them, life is so, today for whatever reason you do not feel akin to them, to other people can happen the same to you, and nothing happens. No because cutting the relationship drastically, or give too many explanations. It is good to maintain contacts, still they are good people, but keep the relationship as to you be convenient, if now can not contribute anything, nor will it bring. Salutes on christmas, etc, prevents you from sending messages if it is not for any congratulations, or condolences, your I understand. Responds concisely when to contact you and without hurry. If you are very annoying, and not given by aware of that the relationship has changed, bloquéalos and already.


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