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Advice to stop going with prostitutes?

This is my story I eh been very promiscuous since I had my first sexual desires I had a couple of girlfriends in my teens with one of them I lost my virginity but things didn't work out and I had another girlfriend since my 21 years with her I have had sex several times but my libido is very high so much that he asked for sex, the newspaper that made it annoy you and end with me after two years of relationship after a few months of mourning, because she left me, I decided to go for prostitutes I did not know that it was so easy to hire them for my it Was something that I always thought that was bad until the day that I went to bed with a prostitute, the truth is that I loved it so much that you return 5 days later and I got with another and another and another week after week went from sluts to times repeated with the same prostitute and then I was going with another so much that one day, I started with two and sometimes 3 Of course always with condom even some I offered it without a condom for a little bit of money extra I did not accept because I did not want to risk my health I recently realized that my savings and almost everything I had money I had been finishing the last of the money that was left for me to use to go with a doctor that I did a few analysis to find out if I don't have anything, And fortunately I came out well I decided to stop going to prostitutes now, I've been 45 days without having to go with any prostitute but there are days where I think, and gives me the desire to go with any even of the cheap, just take away my desire It is something that I don't want to do it I would like to have a wife, or again a bride


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I think that if you are a person with the alivido so high and you want to cut that circle in which you have been for a long time, as you say, you can re-lapsing, and you see that you want another thing do not know if you saw that there is no money or because in reality you want to have a life serious partner, if so I think you should look for an expert of psychology on these topics and I think that will be able to help you if this is really what you want . Don't advise rushing out to the most economic because you can already see that sometimes you don't have no place to clean up, I don't think you want to come to this . If you want to you can, find the expert that will help you spend your money but to lead the life that you want You can make it ! You just have to want it and work on that topic . If you like validates my answer dale like


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What to take care of yourself with a condom, it's okay, I suggest, never stop to use it, the more that you say you took the pill, or have a certain adminiculo, I met a boy stuck in a problem, by accusing him of being pope, and was of another, that is to take into account. On your issue, is moderarte, something can be achieved, avoiding some things toxic, alcohol, cigarettes, heavy meals, it seems joke, but it is checked, also look at porn I don't say what to do, causes it to exacerbate the desire, you will see that not everyone in the world, "this for casorio", think about it, many do so not to "be different" and it is a serious error, I do not say who you can marry, you just mention it just in case. Sds.


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