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Can I get pregnant because they put my fingers in with semen?

The truth I'm very stressed by what happened 3 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were playing and we were already somewhat hot but it all ended badly, we were masturbating each other and at the time of the wine with the hand with which you masturbate and I would imagine that with a little bit of semen got me fingers with little depth, the day I had my ovulation on 2 days (according to an app I have) and because we have been very nervous for what may come to pass, I have not had any symptoms of pregnancy (nausea, dizziness, tenderness in breasts) but not show symptoms for me to go down, it is supposed that tomorrow I have to get my period but I hope and I can get out of doubts because I sugestiono a lot of thinking if I am pregnant or not.


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Before you start your sexual life, you should educate yourself sexually, and you should also learn about human reproduction. It is very sad to see how you do this type of questions, with the information that is there today, and I don't say bad, I say it's for your own good. For a few fingers, it is impossible for a pregnancy, no matter if they are stained with semen or not. There is only a risk of pregnancy, if there is penetration with the penis without protection for the vagina. The applications are not worth for nothing, or you can urinate on your mobile, and how this can detect your lh hormone? It is impossible, if you do not do medical tests or ovulation tests, you don't know when you ovulate. And, that a pregnant woman has to have, what nausea or dizziness? It is not always so.


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For that type of game where fingers are inserted into the vagina, nobody can get pregnant. In the event that there was some semen in the fingers, the sperm would not have life expectancy because they do not meet the optimal conditions for it. Therefore, quiet.


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