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Do you think what could be said that capitalism was the factor that led to the emergence of European imperialism?

Answer me as soon as possible please, it's a note I'm in grade 9 I'm doing well in social but I want to "work" in this task


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To understand european imperialism it is necessary to know the factors that operate within capitalism, its dynamics will give us the keys to discover the emergence of imperialism. Capitalism has a proper function, you need capital, accumulated through the process of capitalist accumulation, need manpower, raw materials (inputs) that are converted with the factor at work, and with the help of the means of production (machinery, land...) on goods sold in the markets. European capitalism developed rapidly, first in the United Kingdom, after on the continent, Belgium, Germany, France etc And soon needed to ensure their supplies of raw materials and the markets where they impose their goods. Many of the raw materials required for the industries, such as textiles, came from countries outside the european area, so it was with the cotton. The United Kingdom needed to ensure the supply of this raw material that I could not grow in their country. The cotton was an important factor for India was a british colony. Also other products coming from these countries in tropical and equatorial were the causes of colonization: cocoa, tea, sugar, coffee, oil, minerals... But also make sure to the markets of industrial products operated with force to the colonization. India was a vast market for textile products british. The british authority, to make sure that market, and that the indians only buy british goods, eliminated the strength of the local textile industry. The fact that Germany came takes on the distribution of the colonies was one of the causes of the first world war.


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