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Dell latitude e7440, put factory ...

I give the f12 (one time boot menu ...) key to get the UEFI BOOT menu ... When I give windows boot manager, I don't get the menu to factory reset it ... Go back to the operating system . So far it went smoothly. How can I set it up without entering the operating system?


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If you do not already entering that mode in any of the cases, in spite of everything, it is because for sure the system is already corrupt, a virus or a missing file you can contribute to this failure... The issue there would be to make a settlement or restoration of the system with a disk drive or operating system installation, or if you do not have the knowledge, take it to where a technician consider in detail the case; that if, but not before waiting any suggestions more precise some of our friends who are specialists in this forum for assistance and responses that have worked in particular with this model of device. Success!


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Let's see if I understand: Do you want to enter the BIOS with the F12 key? To change boot system?


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