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My bitch does not heal from its sterilization

My dog makes already 20 days of sterilization and al pazar 1 week. You get a ball to the side of his wound. Which we thought was a hernia.. The vet told me that he would open 1 point.. To rule that not out puz... And be hernia.. The hoperaria again... Turned out to be puz. And he was expelling the cough the week next... For this we admitted at the vet... Today is day 20.. And still expelling puz.. With your open point.. we've Always covered with bandages. His collar elizabethan and antibiotic.. But I am very concerned about that point.. When it closes.. When you leave you leave.. That agoo


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If you listen to healthy, your dog will die. They have already thrown him several times from several forums, but he changes his nickname and returns. He is a jerk.


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That infection that has your dog you eliminate in 15 or 20 minutes putting a magnet where the pus is, see page 31 of [http://librosdesalud.es/100-libros-de-salud-en-1.pdf] ( http://librosdesalud.es/100-libros-de-salud-en-1.pdf)


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