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Create already patented but improved product and different design

I have a question and I wanted to see if they could help me. Can I create a product that is patented but improve it on many points and add more things? And with a completely different design but with the same function? I understand that design registration can be done and the same function of the product can be done.


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Without being an expert on the subject commented: there is a difference between the inventive step (patent) and improvement. This improvement in right called a "utility model", and also is patentable but has other requirements pantentabilidad: that is a novelty and industrial utility. Here's a manual from the ministry of industry which details how to apply: [http://www.oepm.es/export/sites/oepm/comun/documentos\_relacionados/Invenciones/Manual\_Solic\_Modelos\_de\_Utilidad.pdf](http://www.oepm.es/export/sites/oepm/comun/documentos_relacionados/Invenciones/Manual_Solic_Modelos_de_Utilidad.pdf)


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I. Hi Mate, for my part, I don't know the answer, although it is a topic that interests me quite a bit. I wanted to leave you some links as answers an expert, I think that may be of interest to you. A lot of encouragement. [https://www.geniolandia.com/13141054/como-mejorar-un-invento-que-ya-existe](https://www.geniolandia.com/13141054/como-mejorar-un-invento-que-ya-existe) [https://lafabricadeinventos.com/como-patentar-una-idea-6-formas-de-hacerlo/](https://lafabricadeinventos.com/como-patentar-una-idea-6-formas-de-hacerlo/) [https://lafabricadeinventos.com/registro-de-patentes-y-marcas-17-trucos/](https://lafabricadeinventos.com/registro-de-patentes-y-marcas-17-trucos/) [https://ojulearning.es/2015/08/si-crees-que-ya-esta-todo-inventado-reinventa/](https://ojulearning.es/2015/08/si-crees-que-ya-esta-todo-inventado-reinventa/) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDBJ114YWRg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDBJ114YWRg)


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