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How to give up gamer advice?

I have realized that I have to give up being a gamer because it is a very expensive hobby both as a console and on a PC as I can leave video games


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In fact, this is not something that others can tell you, the only thing is that we can give you tips. As your desire is to leave the game, because there are many things with which you can leave them, you can keep them or delete them, or just you you can go away little by little of them, for that, you can do Many things, you can start reading How to something more normal, or you can focus on support on every occasion to your family or friends, but the most important thing is to not feel pressured to leave, leave something so it may take a while, you just need to take it with patience and you should focus on all the things that you can do


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Use some kind of game, I don't say that, could happen, but only once in a while, now when is addiction, as it is a hazard. In addition, he reflects, that short is the life, in a blink of an eye the person is already in retirement age, it is better to take advantage of the time, the pc, as the cell phone, it is a good tool but a bad master, if I paraphrase in part to Dumas, has a lot of useful, don't focus there, for that you not only lose your valuable time, but you can mask some things that you have to solve, whatever it is, and let them pass, after will be a very heavy load. At least you realize, and you ask for advice, that is the first step.


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