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Should it be wood or sword? Tempering or heating in this situation?

We all know that there are certain situations that can disrupt our emotional stability and I have read that those who have resilience can cope with these situations. The issue is this, there are decisions that have certain consequences because they are "bad" but even so can still hurt you. There is a guy in my living room since the day it started to bother me, mocks my voice to be serious and whenever I see it makes you laugh like a fool. I do not understand that happens, but I have always been small in comparison to other types. I am quiet and I don't like to bother anyone, but something that if I can hate is getting to me. The problem is that I can not attack physically because I am small and you can not allow someone to disrespect or yes? If you do not have a means to do something, you must look for another. The undesirables are like a plague and if they do not change for the good has to be bad. I am at a crossroads of not knowing whether to silence him or to prepare. The silence to me seems perfect because it has immediate effects and no longer would bother me more, I could never go back to bother me because you will be in complete silence. In both the preparation will take time but it is the most "good". Means prepare physically, going to the gym, learn to fight, etc The silence seems interesting although it has consequences that may deprive me of some of the goals that I have for me. In the preparation is the most prudent but it takes more time, also I don't know if this guy will continue with their attacks. There will come a point where I will not know if I will lose my drivers and things won't go as I have planned right now, but I don't know, I have to think. In order to, in psychology books I've read that the best way to download the "emotional burdens" that keep active your mind is sharing it with another person. What you do you think? :)


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The best thing is that you ignore him and he will bother another.


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The subject is long, only I will give you some things, they may help you or may not serve you, you will see your. There was always, from the primary, and what I know, I'm from here, guys that make fun of others, others who are aggressive, others who are todoestudio, etc., there are in high school, in the out also, although it is more sophisticated, and it is when you look at sideways because you have a suit cheaper, while they smoke imported, this is all part of the mix, out of ignorance, as he said, a thinker, Italian, ignorance is the mother of many evils, for she is lost to the love, the friendship, the work, and to freedom. Having knowledge, is already an advantage for you, knowledge of things of life, e.g. once in a company, there was a person who was critical of all, was not a bad person, but he had that defect, he had already come to the conclusion that those who criticize, have some kind of problem, and this one had cost me to discover, athletes, and well-formed, these do not criticize or make it less, the one who criticizes or mocks, it's like in karate, the one who gives the blow is temporarily without defense, mocks in reality, of the same, with security has some unresolved issue from childhood perhaps, or resentment, or feeling of inferiority, but that is it, the one that receives the attack, it does not help much, you can apply the technique of ignore, also if you're a guy of fitness, you may practice self-defense, not to wait for the guy and give him a beating and the cute girl you see with other eyes, as in those silly movies that pass, simply, you feel safe, and it is not necessary almost never use, but you know you have the way to defend yourself, there is a lady that at the time, was 80, was a black belt, it was so much his skill that any type of higher than outside, approached him and turning, I do not say that you get both, just a little, also know that you hold something, you have to endure all of life, in order to, clear that the time is coming when anyone loses their temper, try not to do so, ignore it as you can, if denotas discomfort, make it more, why so much anger in certain special cases, that goes beyond the psychology of academy, but is given.


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