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Erase personal data on the Internet in bulk.

I want to delete my personal data and, so to speak, does NOT EXIST ON the INTERNET and I wonder if there is any way to do it. For example, I have been deleting from company to company and it just so happens that jazztel is denied because there is a receipt from 7 years ago unpaid (of 15 euros which should be obsolete) and as I got very bad service, no connection, or technical support for months, I do not want to cover it and all the business group Orange has my data for that. In the same way clear in the white pages. I wonder what happens in the social networks when the person dies. I see that in the typical Agree for acceptance of data to provide the service of tropecientas pages can do anything with our data, and simply that we are mistaken and it's up to a company to assign to third parties to which our data will be spread like wildfire and not being able to pillar in spite of the law of may 25, of data protection if I remember correctly. Web browsing without cookies, it is virtually impossible. The official web pages so that you do not call advertisements do not work. Do in order to some advice in a massive way?


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Bulk there is nothing, what you have to do for company. In case you do not want, the law requires them, you have two options: \- Robinson list ( [https://www.listarobinson.es/](https://www.listarobinson.es/) ) \- Data protection agency ( [https://www.aepd.es/areas/publicidad/index.html](https://www.aepd.es/areas/publicidad/index.html) ) If you have outstanding debts with them, you have difficult that you do, whether you like it or not you're still customers with them until that debt is to pay it off. I recommend that for cases so you are looking for a lawyer. In addition take quite a long time, I doubt very much that you eliminate completely, what you say **_NO EXISTS IN INTERNET_** I see it very, very difficult.


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