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My cat is nursing, has diarrhea and vomits everything she eats. What I do?

My cat had her puppies almost 2 months ago and a couple of days ago I noticed her decayed and for more than she tries to eat she can't keep the food in her stomach, she doesn't stop vomiting and has diarrhea. I don't know what to do to make her feel better until I can take her to a veterinarian.


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I. Hi. Camila, as for me I just wanted to leave some pages that may help or guide to understand what happens, although I think that it is best to be able to go to a vet to it as soon as possible provided that the symptoms continue for several days. A lot of encouragement. [https://www.stguitars.com/YayJ3W9P5/](https://www.stguitars.com/YayJ3W9P5/) [http://members.tripod.com/~info\_cat/problemaspp.html](http://members.tripod.com/~info_cat/problemaspp.html) [https://www.tiendanimal.es/articulos/el-parto-de-la-gata/](https://www.tiendanimal.es/articulos/el-parto-de-la-gata/) [https://youtu.be/-ej9oMqm0NU](https://youtu.be/-ej9oMqm0NU)


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Give it salt water so it doesn't get dehydrated. For the infection you will have, give coconut oil and vitamin C (500 mg 4 times a day, this dose is if it weighs 5 kilos, adjust the dose to your weight). See page 42 of [http://librosdesalud.es/100-libros-de-salud-en-1.pdfrtada(http://librosdesalud.es/100-libros-de-salud-en-1.pdf )


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