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When I use a voltage regulator where in is 12v and out is 5v what happens with the 7v become current in amps?

Do I have a source that from 12v to 2amp that feeds an encapsulated voltage regulator of 12 to 5v that passes with the extra voltage becomes power ?, I know that the power that can be fed is given by the capacity of the source and the regulator but if my regulator is at 6 Amp there should be no problem that in theory


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The current will be limited by that of the first regulator of the waterfall: 2 Amp. The difference, as the colleague told you, is wasted in the form of heat.


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To begin with, you should know what type of regulator it is. A linear regulator is not the same as a switched one. If you refer to an LM7805 regulator, the remaining voltage is converted entirely to heat and depending on the amperage you will have the amount of heat using the formula W = V by A.


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