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Why in a conflict between countries, other countries intervene in it, there can be no neutral countries?

I am a pacifist and I see no reason to the wars, but I have noticed in wars, "the world," where two or three countries that are in conflict, there will always be others who support his "vision" is for one side or the other, but WHY? As humanity tends to go to war for fun and to pass the monotony of peace; if you are currently USING is in conflict with the middle east, it is a matter of them not from other countries is that these countries follow the stream that best suits them, or rather, it is like politics, apparently, which is going to release of any political status, many join to this to for if you win, you have benefits and awards, is basically like the wars, the country that joins the country in conflict with another, if this wins you will receive some of the benefits very great, it is like my country that I fight in a war in South Korea or that I know I and apparently won, and now, between the two countries may enter each respective country without the need of passport or VISA... what hahahahahaha seriously? What that bind countries that have nothing to do or, do not paint anything in the conflicts of others to receive benefits for the support to the "cause"? Reverend stupidity, I think that it is well known that saying that we are the only species that will exterminate itself and it seems to me totally inconsistent and irrational, just to defend some lines invisible and invented, we humans are a species very silly the truth. So, why is that some countries that apparently do not paint anything in the conflicts of other countries, do they help or work with? (And I don't think that it is for that reason stupid of the benefits) PD: If my country is "help" if it comes a third world war (and of course, I'm not espousing the meme of today), I wouldn't know how to escape from this knowing that I am a man with a military card of the second class (by the way, is already purchased, which is not act to serve in the military and in addition to nor wanted in his time that status shit ~sorry for the expression) and can I recruit, in addition I appreciate too much my life as to lay it down after a bullet hit me, even by supposedly to get out of this is to be religious and to get certified but I know.


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These taking a try very egocentric. I do not say that "all are justified"... but if you look at the case of the Second World War, if it does not put brake to Nazi Germany, would have taken half the world (or all...). They would have exterminated masses of jews, homosexuals, gypsies, people who were not faithful devout to the party... and a long list that surely would have increased. When USA enters the war in the Pacific, would Japan had already killed FORTY MILLION Chinese and Koreans... it seems that one can continue sitting in his house looking at flowers while people commit such atrocities?-. These in Colombia. On the other side of your border, this the dictator Maduro that has already killed tens of thousands of people. You are not happened that one day, exhausted the resources of Venezuela you can think of to cross the border to your country, and in that case, what would be on the list of future "to die"?... and in that case, do you not like any other country run in aid of yours?. This the old said: "I Was in prison. One day they took the jew, and I don't worry about it, overall I am not a jew, the next day were the muslim and I do not care about total I am not a muslim, the other day were black, and I don't worry because I'm a blonde... Today I'm alone, and I hear that they are looking for someone.." Well... with your ideas, that "someone" might be one yourself some day.


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