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Do you think it is an exaggerated reaction to turn to a lawyer for this?

To see I put you in situation, I am separating from my husband, and although it has been a painful process, has been by mutual agreement, the two we have a great past and the truth I was the one that told him to get a divorce because in the end we were making too much damage and didn't want to reach a situation in which we didn't even talk. And He now has a new partner that seems to me very well, but she because I do not like and, sometimes, when we are gathered to talk about the divorce because the truth is that the process is going on more than I thought, she has accompanied him, and any time that someone has released comments very out of place but the other day broke the last straw, because he did allude to something that I had told my husband by whatssap, and what I'm not going to allow myself is that come the girl this to make fun of my problems and that above my husband is telling intimacies of me, so that I had thought to put myself in the hands of my lawyers of all life, Muñoz's Lawyers, here in Alicante, look this is their website: [https://www.munozabogadosalicante.es/](https://www.munozabogadosalicante.es/), but of course the voice of reason has told me that maybe I'm exaggerating and that is not enough reason to complicate things my husband, but on the other hand, I'm not going to allow that laugh at me in my face.


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In a divorce process it is usually more than convenient for everyone to have their own lawyer.


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It may be that your discomfort this justified, but the main issue is that if it is taking over the account, then if you can, hire your lawyer, anyway, you'll be more secure that everything is done in term, if the present, as the other couple, I guess that's not going to bother, and if you slow down by inertia, or whatever, it apuraran, whatever, you these in a hurry by cutting to the chase, and a lawyer, is very useful, not so much because of the annoyance of that person, but, to make sure that do not be delayed more than the account. Sds.


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And is history necessary for spam?


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