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Out of work toxic parents and spoiled brothers

The truth, my family is poor I try to move forward, for me, that is not an excuse to be someone. The. Life but in spite of everything is complicated I'm 25 years the truth I have not culminiado my studies because a lot of times miss the university because of lack of money and min's father a long time he threatened me not to work until the age of 22, I suffered abuse, physical bullshit like that because the last time I hit it was because he asked a neighbor to borrow a card to transport myself to the truth we pay the double of the passage do not spend a penny of the card from that day on, I suffer a disorder of anxiety and I have a tic that is to bite on the teeth in the present siguo studying me missing a couple of year before I graduate is the only positive aspect in my life but my family the most is to move to a place where the passage of the university is of 2 dollars if minpadre did not have to give me 50 cents, which is equivalent to the toll aca-a quarter of what it is worth there Alla less you can also, if you work in that place would have to give up my studies My parents never supported me at all after the age of 16, honestly a degree is not cheap to me daban1 dollar daily thing that only reached to the toll ... looking for a job but due to a lack of experience does not mee hired, and my father abuses you psychologically once got sick with the infection of urine prompted causes a fever and the only said that it was a sidosa I wanted to cry at that moment because it was badly lose weight because they do not eat by the fever, and when I get to the hospital I said peinate das hurts .my parent pregnancy multiple times to my mom for inabilitarla in the labor market and echo does not work because I have to take care of the 3 and I don't work because I don't have experience when debi have received threats of beatings and that gave me anxiety even if I receive bad words gives me anxiety and I even feel strange when this rn home nocomoda they would do in my place the truth, to finish I leave to my brothers and they damage my things my parents didn't berate. They are rude and make fun of my I can not correct them because the ends regañada I am I say mature because you have 25 years but I damaged my makeup ... they Are rude liars I once told my sister that not hciera something and I throw ice on the face as estot tired is more I feel hatred to my brothers to minpadre sometimes and I want to escape from this familoa toxic in fact, we are 5 But my brother of 22 years works and has no problems with my brothers but do not scrub any fret do not grab a broom and don't say anything The truth I'm tired of this and sientoquee never saldre of this familoa toxic


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I would advise you to address yourself in the place where it has red cross or red crescent that the same and I explain your case and surely they will help you. With psychilogues, social workers and even provide the money to the cards to travel to the safe university. I volunteer here in Spain and it's done. Do not faint or forward, you will not regret it.


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I understand that you're going through a very difficult time for you, where you feel that all the circumstances that raisins do not let you get ahead, lifting his head and focus on what you want. There is so much pain in your words, and that in addition to the things that you have lived you have led you to focus on what you have, what you can't. Have you thought about seeking help? Perhaps a job for students that can complement with your studies? Is there any organization in your country or in your university to help in these cases? Are there within the university, an advisory service for students that you can ask for a help on an emotional level and/or job? Is there any possibility of receiving help for studies or a college scholarship? Wishing you a great day Diana Ohana [Psychologist Online](https://www.atraigaelexito.com/psicologa_en_linea/)


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Improve your diet and improve your energy and you will stop suffering for everything, read [http://librosdesalud.es/100-libros-de-salud-en-1.pdf](http://librosdesalud.es/100-libros -de-salud-en-1.pdf)


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