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Is it wrong in the eyes of God?

Well my question is that for already about 8 years ago I met a girl but my dad fell in love with his mother and ended up joining what I take my father to live beside this woman with this girl had called me the attention, the years passed and the truth I do not live there, I only went on weekends, but one way or another, this girl seemed to be in love with me and gradually I started to encariñar with it, so it took several years until the day of today than it was a few months we confess to you I to my dad, and she her breast that I and she were pleased you want to share something deeper than just a friendship (that in the end, I just never saw ourselves as siblings or half-siblings only said to be friends who lived in the same house) yesterday my dad said something to me that he told my grandfather about a verse in the bible where it mentions that this What I've been researching that I do not want to get away from this girl, I love her so much and I am completely in love with her, I had never felt anything like it for a girl and I feel that our history by far of this many things have happened to get to this point, because it was not only by chance, and here is my question Investigate and in no verse mentions the daughter of the partner of your pope, leviticus 18 but went ahead to mention that you will not see, nor the nakedness of your mother, father, aunts, sisters, sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law or the daughters of another woman, begotten by your father, but at no time mentions a daughter of the wife of your father who is not the daughter of your father, mentioned like most says that this is engendered by your father and therefore she is your sister, but she is nothing to me, it is just a known more, so I devoted myself to search for it in the bible and no verse mentions this, he mentions such things as incest between cousins and brothers, but never something like that then what I was told by my grandmother not this all correct, or if? Or here is my real question If this was wrong why god put her in my path? We have been through many things and we met so strange then I don't think it's just been by chance in addition to feel that she is the woman for my life for some strange reason something told me to ... So what happens there? Does anyone know ka response? It is worth mentioning that she and I haven't done anything more than kissing and the only thing my intentions with her are not bad because I want to by something very beautiful that I feel and not by anything else, his mom gave us permission and my dad as well, but with what he told my grandma time she doubts, my family is christian


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Don't pay attention. You are not blood relatives. Your grandfather said some words that perhaps applied in the situation that occurred when he said them, and your dad interprets that they are of universal apparition.


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Pîlar's answer is the key in question. "There is no consanguinity." In addition, notice how beautiful: The parents, the couple and the children, the couple, too, is something strange at the level of "political" kinship but as we said, there being no blood relationship, everything is lawful. So don't worry anymore.


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