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If I sterilize my dog, will she be aggressive?

I have two bitches, sisters of the same age, they loved each other until one went into heat and everything, he went out of heat a month ago and a half and started to be more aggressive, until he quarreled with his sister, is another casually was always a bit lax with the first, but it turns out that a week after the lawsuit went in heat, mmm or is a just came out a month ago and a half and still walk. Means hormone and the other just entering, I have been told that you test with prizes with passionflower to relax, but they are no longer supported after the lawsuit, they also say that I can sterilize them but maybe they become more aggressive by the decreases of progesterone and estrogen, so I'm really conflicted, in addition to them, I have four males, one is a puppy and the others vary, what it is advisable to be sterilized? What will become aggressive with us? With other dogs, or is it that it is better to seek a house to one of them?


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Read [http://librosdesalud.es/Esterilizacion-animales.pdf[(http://librosdesalud.es/Esterilizacion-animales.pdf)


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