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If an electrical appliance burns, what do I need to do to connect another appliance to the same electrical outlet?

I had an appliance plugged in, a strange smell started to come out of it, therefore I disconnected it, after a while I reconnect it, but it burned, I must wait to connect another appliance to the same outlet, or can I connect the other appliance without any problem ?


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If the appliance has burned but the plug is ok, you can connect another appliance to that socket, check that it is not damaged, remove the cover to see what is not damaged inside either and if all is well, the problem was only with the appliance that you had plugged in


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That device you plugged in had a short somewhere that was burning your plug. Or the amount of current that passed through the cable-plug or energy expenditure of the device to burn the conduits where they were not prepared for that amount of current. If you do not miss the differential of the general socket you can connect another device that is fine and fix that one that was burning and do not plug it in again until it is fixed.


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