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Calculate power generated by a 3v motor with Multimeter

If you have a permanent magnet motor, to which I apply some constant mechanical energy to its axis (I give it a torque and an angular speed so that it rotates and produces continuous current at its terminals) ... How can I measure the power electric that is delivering the generator? Is it possible to remove it with a Tester or Multimeter? If possible, can you give me the complete procedure for measuring power?


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One can only add to the excellent response from the Colleague, Albert, that in the case of a "motorcito" as you say, the tension generated maxima will not vary much of the 3 volts c. c. for the normal flow conditions as a motor. Or is the speed of rotation as a generator should be only slightly higher than the one that you developed as a motor, so as to generate the tension design = 3 volt. Turning it to much increased speed will produce greater tension, but at the expense of decreasing the power that you will be able to deliver sobrecargandolo.


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In theory yes, in practice it will be complicated, let me explain: You have to first of all make the motor spin at a constant speed to generate the same power in such a way that it is possible to measure the voltage and amperage generated. You put a resistance to close the circuit and thanks to the formula: ![](https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/media/math/render/svg/0d156ac6014b17cbeae013ed8d16ed501475a495) You can measure the voltage squaring and dividing it by the resistance that you put. Keep in mind that the motorcito to generate a power output in function of the speed at which you rotate your axis.


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