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What is the best decision? Covid - 19 CDMX

The question that I have is a little personal and I would appreciate greatly if someone takes the time to read it all and give your opinion. I have a conflict as to make a decision and I think that the opinion of people more professional it would be of great help. I am a university student of 19 years, previously lived with my mom in a small apartment in the city. Almost a year ago I had some problems with it, and as my parents divorced, he sent me to live with my dad. Why did I never understood it really, believe me when I say that I never did anything really bad. I am a person quite focused and respectful, there was just some misunderstandings, personality and opinions that my mother can't stand. Because of this I went to live with my dad at the State of Mexico, where we live with my uncles, cousins and my grandmother. Making a total of 8 people. My dad works in a music store, teaching piano and selling things over the internet, and my uncles sold tamales, whose income is quite high. What that allows us to live quite well. Now that has emerged in this imbroglio of the virus, my father suggested that it would be best to go back with my mother right now. Definitely not, but at least if it is "quarantine". Believes that it would be the best because in my house we all live trade. And with the measures that will be taken against the virus, our domestic economy will be affected. My uncles do not have disadvantages in the idea of "keep you", but also my father is of the opinion that it is better that this with my mother. Because we don't know how severe they can get the things in question social and economic. And it would be best to support my family close and be with them. Since I don't have problems with my mother since we already fix it and she lives with my younger brother. She now works from home for the virus and living well. The fact of returning with my mother represents a journey of at least 40 minutes for a minibus and 45 metro. I'm not asthmatic or anything really official, but I have had a background check. A few times I had breathing problems arising from a cold. Let's say my defenses are not very good. Now that the country is in phase two, I do not feel safe nor do I believe it prudent to leave. You could spread it to someone or to my mother and brother. Although perhaps after no longer be able to leave. My uncles are also of the opinion that it is better that you stay here in the state. Since the situation may be more mild here than in the city. We live in Atizapán. At the end I have the last word, and I don't know that it would be better. I understand the point of my father which-is-better "emotionally" that will be with my mother for any inconvenience that may arise. He is very concerned that I not be with my mother. But also that is not very responsible to leave and cause misfortune to someone. In addition, at least for me it would be more convenient to stay in the State of Mexico if it turned out to be very sensitive to the virus. What would be the best decision? Perhaps it sounds like a question silly, but I really have no idea what to do about it.


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If your mother agrees, and your father's request is justified, I feel that it is best for you to be with your mother.


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As you can see, you have the opinion of your father, now you must speak to your mother, explain this to her. In this way, she will understand and will be able to present her point of view to you. After that, you make the decision, it is simple. Greetings. .l .l


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Coronavirus does not exist, in the bubble.info forums you can find out about reality.


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