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Divide community terrace equally for each neighbor.

In a building of 16 neighbors, 5 floors, 4 flats per floor and the last for storage rooms, 1 for a neighbor of the. Plants 2, 3 and 4°. The owners of the plant 1 do not have storage room to have the courtyards community of the courtyards of lights. In the. Plant 5, in addition to the storage rooms there are 2 terraces, community band and band of the building. The question is: is could divide these terraces with some type of panel, without the need to do works, to equal parts for the 12 neighbors that we have the right to access the area. He is currently a zone of clotheslines but with little use. Can I ask I close the part that I corresponderia and take care of the expenses of the closing and shall have the right of use and enjoyment of the terrace?


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As the expert tells you well, I simply tell you that the common areas cannot be changed, except with the approval of the entire community.


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This would have to be proposed and approved at a Condominium Assembly. Talk to the President so that, if he deems it appropriate, he will include it in the minutes of the next meeting.


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Needs to be approved unanimously


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