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Divestment of parental responsibility

I had a son from an extramarital affair, the father during the pregnancy, it does not bring much, did not care, or pending as later in the pregnancy (was high risk), it was causing a lot of stress, crying, depression on me, I was hurting so much to me as the baby, months before my due date, an agreement was reached to share food and we agreed. To my surprise, a week after having gone out of the ICU with my baby (and having had a c-section) I received a demand from his party claiming that it was violating the right to health, the name, and it was a violation of the right to exercise his fatherhood (just because I wanted to register my son yet and asked to wait a little more, had a few days of being born and out of ICU, his condition was delicate), contact me with a lawyer, which told me that the demand was with intent to take the child. Did not want to access after registering my baby and register it as a single mother and requires you to respond for his share of food. It made the hearings and came to the agreement of the fee and the visits (had to pass a monthly quota of food, and every 3 months a fee for changing rooms and other expenses of the child), the I do not visit my son for two months, then popped in and saw it 3 times, and disappeared again, not asked by the, recorded the share of food when he wanted and not the date that you gave, the share of clothing has never given. After 5 months appeared and I'm back to visit on two occasions, in which my son very ill and was terrified, screaming, crying and scared because you don't know who he is, part of the not talking to you, do not play with, it does nothing. In all that time he was absent, I was taking in and out of rumba, all of that, I have proof, also in some of the hearings that were denied to her son, saying that was not his own, but he would not be DNA test. In addition, he began to speak of my dad that he was mentally ill and that he (my dad) was going to kill him and a bunch of other things, so it took a lawsuit by my dad, to the end they came to a peace agreement. In the process with which I am now against the is for the deprivation of parental authority, which according to my lawyer if it is possible, taking into account all the shortcomings and neglect that there are of its part since the start of the pregnancy, my question is, to the be notified about this process and had to give response and you did not, you will notified again and neither gave answer, we are waiting for the trial date (waiting for it to pass the quarantine for the covid19), is it possible to lose custody? Is it possible to win this case? If I win the case and was left with full custody of my son and the lose of their rights, can I change the last name and put mine? In the event of a future I get married and my partner wants to adopt my son, is this possible? Can I live in another city with my child? Can I request a restraining order in the case that your father take this the wrong the decision taken by the judge?


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The restraining order: requirements, application, breach and consequences **Requirements and application of the restraining order** The restraining order, as we have said, can be adopted as a penalty or as a precautionary measure. This measure always has to be imposed judicially, as the judge is the only one who has the power to agree to the restraining order. The main requirement to ask for a restraining order is the complaint of the commission of a crime. This complaint will arrive in the hands of a judge according to the circumstances of the crime may obtain the measure. But for this to occur, the victim must prove, through the provision of sufficient evidence, the commission of the crime for which the judge may as well have a few clear indications and well-founded that lead you to enact this measure so as to ensure an effective protection of the victim. When the measure is imposed as a penalty involving deprivation of a right in a judicial sentence, the Penal Code provides that it will be a worth accessory and not a principal penalty, so that will be complementary to the imposition of other penalty as may be the penalty of a fine or a work in the benefit of the community. Links of interest [https://www.abogalo.com/la-orden-de-alejamiento-requisitos-solicitud-incumplimiento-y-consecuencias/](https://www.abogalo.com/la-orden-de-alejamiento-requisitos-solicitud-incumplimiento-y-consecuencias/)


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All the circumstances of your matter who best knows and can advise you is your lawyer. Trust her and transfer them to her. Luck


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