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How to make a summary invoice for small sales

We are selling tickets to different types of events through the internet. We cannot make an invoice to each client because we do not have the data. How should we legalize the entry of that money?


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Legally you must request the data, in order to make an invoice for this type of internet sales. So you must adapt your system to this circumstance. Since you have no data, we recommend that you use a specific series and issue a "Sale to the Public" invoice for each sale you make ... as a simplified invoice. We appreciate evaluation of the response.


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I pass you the website of the chamber of commerce in Spain here they will answer your question Links [https://www.camara.es/comercio-exterior/legalizacion-de-documentos-comerciales................(https://www.camara.es / foreign-trade / legalization-of-commercial-documents) [https://www.camara.es/que-te-ofrecemos................(https://www.camara.es/que-te-ofrecemos)


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