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What clitoris sucker do you recommend to start me in these solitary toys?

With this of the confinement I have spent many days alone at home (I do not have a partner) and I am thinking of comparing one of these gossip to take away my sorrows, but I do not know which one to decide on and I am embarrassed to ask someone personally, I have seen on this page of [clitoris suckers] (https://succionadoresclitoris.com/) all there and I got my head in trouble.


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I recommend that before you buy a sex toy you autoexplores and basandote on what you like, in the sex shoop there are various articles that focus on the needs of each woman, depending on if you are looking for an estimate on the vaginal walls or the outside with the clitoris. For this, the most complete option whether you're looking for only clitoral or vaginal stimulation would be a vibrator, there are varieties depending on the budget of each person with different functions. In specific, there is one that is for the clitoris, that looks like a massager with a circle that makes you come to orgasm very quickly, like you can do with a vibrator conventional, but the outcome is better with the first option.


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