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That car would like to buy second-hand diesel or gasoline?

I want to buy a car of 3 o4 years and would like to know that I want diesel or gasoline, utilitarian car Renault Clio type and why


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What I can tell you that diesel will enjoy starting fuel economy but it will cry when it comes to repairs. Renault while it is true that it also has a few good engines I see that it has a very fragile electrical system and electronics security problems, in any case if you want to French opting for another brand.


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You have to think rennets kilometers you'll make in a year. In a vehicle diesel save on fuel but this is much more expensive than a gas maintenance. If you make less than 10,000 km or 15000 km per year a gasoline, if you do more because you can already think you buy a diesel.


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Use're going you to give the car, and how many miles gonna you do a year. Depending on this you would like one or the other. On the basis that the maintenance of a diesel is more expensive and that the expenditure of a gasoline fuel is higher.


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