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How should this figure be interpreted?

When we see this figure of a part of the resistance that is in series with a solenoid..., **how This comes to be a resistive load connected in series with a coil?**, (as an incandescent lamp in series with a coil, for example.)...; Or on the contrary, the resistance represents the component resistive to the reel, and therefore there is no device resistive connected there, so it would be a single component with its share of resistance and inductive How do you correctly interpret this symbol? Thanks ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/ef8b44ce3219f86c50a454009094d74c.png)


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Up to where I was, your sketch corresponds to a resistive load R in series with an inductance is wL. Never draw the resistance ohmica own coil because there is no way to directly measure ( with a voltmeter) the voltage drop on it. Forgiveness, respectfully I remind you to useful answers should be qualified. I see some replies of mine without grading. I don't think of some topics about which I am responding.. anything will be useful... In that case would opt for to stop you.


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By corroborate what I have said, internationally these are symbols:! [] (/ / blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/f14c577e803809e7d596d48a1da6e49d.png)


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If they have drawn as well, is that it is 2-component duferenciados of a circuit, in this case it's a resistor in series with an inductance (coil)... which provide its intrinsic characteristics (resistance and inductance) to the circuit... Or "Impedance" as a whole. I repeat what was said by albertx... If you serve what you see, you have the "obligation" to give a positive vote... It is standard for the site.


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It is a resistor connected in series with an inductor with air core.


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