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How do I introduce a puppy to two adult dogs?

I have two dogs, a beagle of 6 years and a scottish of 3, buy a puppy golden retriever and when I presented acted the two with curiosity, the puppy was still, then gave them to eat all three at the same time and ate very well, all of a sudden the beagle, he began to throw small mordiditas and to drool a lot, and when the pup wants to play the scottish you closed the step and will not let you play with her or the beagle, this is normal or something bad can happen, it worries me that the beagle will harm the puppy.


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I don't know but on page 63 of this book have info to have healthy dogs: [http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf] (http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf)


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It could be that the adept will feel jealous in veterinarians sold some hormones that are placed in the same as altimosquito plug these hormones help that dogs are more relaxed when you give them food that the puppy will be the last because if you give priority or attention that the other two being the intruder can abort it and observe them sometimes puppies become very heavy since they just want to play and you can that simple mind you this marking limits


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