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Female bichon maltese adult,with problems of allergies and hives

It is a bitch adult with many problems of allergies, it causes hives, losing hair, and not to scratch, to such a point that becomes damage, the vet says it is allergies but it is not known to that, has a special soap for sensitive skin, I don't think I can be, since this allergy is not continuous, given by gusts, the vet says that there is no medication that can control, from a start and avoid that progresses and comes to hair loss and harm, only prescribes a pill for the hives, but he says that is very damaging to the liver... My question is if there is any medication that we can give, when you see the first symptoms and not let go of the animal for the suffering of scratching non-stop, and that will not do damage to the organs,,,, as well as the human beings take aerius to the first symptoms, there is a tablet suitable for allergic dogs.


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There are times that produce the food, the mia does not tolerate chicken. Not if you've already tried to give you another type of feed.


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