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Mirian, Olga, Gaby and Edith cooperate for hire a passenger bus to go on vacation:

Them to be invited according to the following information: Mirian will be double that of Olga, and Gaby will be the third party that Edith, the tickets have different prices due to certain facilities and insurance of the company of transportation, namely; Tickets of Miriam 500 Tickets Olga 400 Tickets to Gaby 300 Tickets Edith 200, Considering "X" as the number of tickets of Miriam and "And" as the number of tickets to Edith, write and solve the algebraic expression that allows to calculate the total co-operation in terms of the variables "X"and "y" (Only between the tickets purchased by these, not by the total number of seats) Development Solution Why the result presented is correct?.


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First, says www EU consider Miriam tickets with x and Edith with and have: x/2 = those who take Olga Y/3 = as Edith will bring the third part that Gaby start that: 500 x Miriam 400 (x/2) tickets are tickets of Olga 300 (y/3) Gaby tickets 200ω tickets Edith now create the equation : 500 x + 400 (x/2) + 300 (y/3) + 200ω = 0 500 x + 200 x + 100y + 200ω = 0 700 x + 300y = 0


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