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Which tablet to buy? The best

I would like to have more than 1.50 ghz, 1.3 RAM, the memory I want to be good to the amount (if you can put micro sd best, but optional) android system updated, the camera doesn't matter much, and a not-so-exorbitant price (10,000 pesos are much in mexico, I want that it does cost less than 7000)


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By 3130 Pesos you have this Asus, with a ten-Inch, Android 4.1, quad-core 1.8 Ghz, 1Gb of ram, and up to 16 Gb of internal memory [http://xtremmedia.com/Asus\_Transformer\_Pad\_TF103C\_1GB\_16GB\_10\_1\_Negro.html](http://xtremmedia.com/Asus_Transformer_Pad_TF103C_1GB_16GB_10_1_Negro.html) For 6120 Weights, you may assess a Samsung Galaxy Note P600, superior in almost everything to the Asus (Quad Core 1.9 GHz RAM 3072Mb MEMORY STORAGE 16Gb) [http://xtremmedia.com/Samsung\_Galaxy\_Note\_P600\_10\_1\_16Gb\_Negro.html](http://xtremmedia.com/Samsung_Galaxy_Note_P600_10_1_16Gb_Negro.html) Depending on what you desées you can choose one or the other tablet. If you have the means, and you have the need of a good tablet, in particular I would favor for the Galaxy Note.


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