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Flea solution for dogs

I have 4 dogs and the truth is that they are an income when it comes to fighting fleas. The truth is that they are in the garden all day and leave frequently so they are very exposed. A neighbor told me that for a few years she has given her dog a few drops of CONFIDOR (according to weight) and solved her problem .. She never had them again. I know it's for plants but it's not the first one that tells me. I would like to know how true it is.


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This is the first news I have of it, and I've read on forums about what they think of this topic. Regardless of the opinions, you have to consider that a product contains ingredients similar assets, it does not mean that they act in the same way, or that its side effects, and can be harmful if you are not prepared for the animal proposed to be harmful. In particular I share a forum where the user was wondering as you didn't do well (although it does not give details): [http://www.perros.com/foros/general/veterinaria/solucion-anti-pulgas--confidor-20-ls--de-bayer-.html](http://www.perros.com/foros/general/veterinaria/solucion-anti-pulgas--confidor-20-ls--de-bayer-.html) The prices of the pipettes whether or not more or less expensive, for cats and dogs, does not mean that you are "timando", means that they have passed the quality control and health, and the necessary procedures to make sure that are biologically appropriate for your pet. In short, it is PEACE of mind. I share a product that I recommend you try. It is certainly of the same pharmaceutical (BAYER): Antiparasitic ADVANTIX 10-25kg (4p)


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