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I arrange my seat ibiza engine, or better to buy a new one?

Well, my cochce, I was going along the highway, and suddenly started to make a noise very strange, as scrap, I called the crane and took it to my workshop, only to start the vehicle it sounds bad, it was suddenly not warned me of any fault or anything, it was no more, my mechanic did not open the motor, only says that with the noise it makes is going to be something expensive, I want to open the file but says only that it is a tool, I would be expensive but, it is better not to open it, and see that it is, than to buy a new engine that can cost me 1000 euros plus labor to assemble and disassemble, is a seat ibiza diesel, year 2005, it will be better to buy an engine, open my engine and see that it is, or change a mechanic, is that not open or nothing to the motor as it is not that you can be.


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If you can upload a video of the noise, but I commented that if the mechanic that you hear it has experience, no need to disassemble to know that the engine is bad.


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I am not a mechanic of entry, but for a very good mechanic who is..., first, and attention to the client would be open, check, say that is and what that is going to cost... because they only know what they already knew without mechanical.. it sounds and that is broken . And if it was a pulley of the alternator which puts a noise of coj... what?. I'm not saying that is a bad mechanic... but for me that went from ready. I for that customer I would recommend that another mechanic would gravitate to the least or take a look. Good luck with that breakdown. ..


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