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Not a lot of finance but wanted to know if you can invest safely in a bank or something like that

Long ago I heard that a certain amount of money you can invest in a bank, as a savings fund and that annually increases your money without you to do anything, I call attention I wanted to know if it is true and how it works, or if there are other methods to invest and make money safely no matter that it is in the long term. I've also seen on internet that you can buy cheap stocks, you just have to put some money and some intermediary makes the operations with your money, but I wanted to know if it is true or it is fraud.


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I assume you mean investment funds. By hiring a mutual fund you are giving the money to the manager of the fund through a bank or brokerage in which you have hired and invested in the financial markets. Efectivemente you don't have to do anything, just periodically check the progress of the fund (monthly or quarterly is sufficient). However, if it is important that you inform yourself well about the fund/s that you hire, because not all are created equal. See this link for more information [http://www.cnmv.es/TutorialFondos/ppal.htm](http://www.cnmv.es/TutorialFondos/ppal.htm) Finally, you should be aware that you will not be able to hire any investment fund at any intermediary, in general, the supply of funds by an intermediary is limited, especially if the intermediary is a bank. And always keep in mind that investment funds are big business for the financial sector, the majority of the funds are disliked because via commissions will eat all the profitability that could get customers. Do not hire any one, only because you recommended it in the bank.


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Before you invest, I advise a little bit of training financial staff. It is very easy to be misled, or mistaken. Lost time leindo all that veasde this website . [http://www.finanzasparatodos.es/](http://www.finanzasparatodos.es/) All the time that miss informing you, what you will earn then money.


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Now is a good time why the prices have fallen a lot and if some bank that you like allows you to buy without paying commissions or custody for their own actions, it could be a very good investment.


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