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Play store does not work with wifi

A few weeks ago that I want to download things with mobile and update others but will not let me access the store via Wi-Fi play, let alone me with data, data does not give me no problem but clear the giga ends me immediately. I ayudaríais much if help me.


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One of the first solutions that we should try is emptying the cache and data of the application. With this operation, it is possible that many problems are solved. To do this go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Go to the tab "All" and select the Play Store application and then click on Clear Cache and Clear Data. Another solution would be to temporarily disable updates of Google Play Go to "Start" - > "Menu" > "Settings "> "Applications" > "Manage applications" . Click on the tab, all and seek Play Store. Once inside click on the option "Uninstall updates". The last solution would be to clear the data of Google Services Play We go in Settings>Applications and All. We will seek the Services of Google Play and click on Clear Data. These are the possible solutions, if you don't work, I notificas and resolve the matter.


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