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Problems with my two dogs (constant fights)

I have a problem with my two bitches, one of them has at least 15 years, and the other is younger, has at least 5 years, is arrived at last, a year ago, and I picked it up from the street to the equal that the other, who has been two years in my house and I picked it up with their pups that were given, the problem is that for at least 5 months began to fight constantly, to kill the other because fights are very serious and I am sure that it is for the leadership in the house (I have 4 bitches and a dog), it is very difficult to separate when they start fighting, I don't know if you punish them or do... I don't know if, when operating at the youngest lower their aggression, and to submit, what do I do? Help.


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They definitely fight for the leadership, sterilization is imminent so that they no longer produce hormones. It is likely that they continue fighting, the best thing you can do is to have extracted them fangs or at least cut them in half with this already no risk of killing oneself. In your case the tusks only use them to hurt themselves.


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